Epsom Salt Magnesium Sulfate Relieving, Stimulating and anti-infective

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Extracted from natural underground deposits, Epsom Saltimproves and relives the symptoms of nails fungus, sprains, bruises and muscle pain. They stimulate the circulation, reduce inflammation and help the process to flush out toxines. Discovered in the XVII century in England, the mineral spring of Epsom quickly gained in popularity for its relaxing and detoxification of the body, it is also used to fight against the cellulite or the retention of water. Its soothing function reducs inflammation and facilitates blood circulation. Rich in magnesium, it relaxes the muscles and releases the body of toxins. Its soft texture, pleasant to the touch, cleans the pores deeply and soothes the pimples and acne. Ideal for relaxing when bathing. COMPOSITION: Magnesium sulphate It's Benefits - Relives pain - Replenishes soft tissue. - Relaxes the muscles. - Detoxifies the skin. Use: body The +s: Relieving, stimulating and anti-infectious WAAM TIPS : For detoxification, pour 1 to 2 cups into the bath, soak during 20 minutes For a more wow effect, showering with Epsom Salt 1 to 2 times a week. Pot of 400g













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