RAW Shea Butter with Yuzu Hair & Body - 100 ml, 3.38 FL.OZ. Nourishing, Protective, Repairing, Regenerative

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SHEA BUTTER ENRICHED WITH YUZU OIL Nourishing, Repairing, Protective and Regenerating. When the generous Malian shea nut meets the soft Japanese Yuzu, this magical fusion creates a product that will always be by your side! This multipurpose balm has so many properties, you cannot help to fall crazy in love with it. Kids will love it too ! Extracted from the magic of the shea nut tree, irreplaceable in African traditions, this favorite oil of African mothers for the beauty and health of their family is composed of essential fatty acids and very rich in vitamins A, and E. It is particularly recommended to moisturise, nourish, soften and restructure the skin and hair thoroughly. It is suitable for the whole family and is ideal for skin and hair. This shea butter is the unrefined, raw, and pure extract of the nuts the shea tree is enriched with oil of Yuzu, a deliciously fragrant citrus from Eastern Asia. Shea butter is your best friend ! If the richest in active ingredients of all organic butters is not your absolute care, what will be? Essential in meeting your needs for regular or episodic moisture, and also to relieve skin aches, serve for deep massages, help relax the scalp together with giving your hair thickness and strength it needs. Warning, its calming power overcomes frustations of any kinds. Wonderful isn't it? WAAM TIPS For your body,add a nut size ball of Shea Butter in your bath to get a fantastic soft skin feeling. Hair thermal protection,apply shea butter on every hair strand meticulously before your brushing. Composition Pure Shea Butter and Yuzu oil. Benefits Revitalises skin and hair.Repairs dry skin.Protects sensitive skins, recommended for babies. .Soothes itchyness.Allows for a better recuperation after sports. Efficient against cold weather symptoms . Fights signs of aging. Packaging 3.38 FL OZ pot- Exist also in 200ml SECRETS WAAM Here are some good reasons to use Shea Butter WAAM: 1. IT IS A NATURAL "COLD CREAM" TO COMBAT COLD AGGRESSION Thanks to its thick texture and high fat content, shea butter strengthens the hydrolipidic film of the skin and preserves it from dryness caused by climatic aggressions. It is an intensive moisturizing and repair treatment of the skin, which provides immediate comfort to very dry skin and prevents skin dehydration. In the winter, apply a small amount of shea butter on your skin and your children's skin, not forgetting the areas exposed to the open air (face, hands). To be used without moderation on dry cheeks, especially in the mountains, during the practice of winter sports.. 2.FOR THE FEET, IT IS A SOFTENING CARE AND INTENSE REPAIRER Shea butter makes it possible to combat the desquamations of the heel and the arch of the foot. Apply every day after showering or bathing. For an intense cure: apply a good amount of shea butter on your feet before bed, massage and leave them, covered with a pair of socks, all night. 3. IT WORKS AGAINST MUSCLE FATIGUE To soothe your muscles, soften the shea butter in the palm of your hand, coat and massage the painful areas with the oil obtained. Thanks to the relaxing and revitalizing properties of YUZU essential oil, WAAM shea butter will be the indispensable companion of your massages.. 4. IT IS A DAILY CARE TO PROTECT THE SKIN OF INFANTS Moisturizing, softening, protective, beautifying ... Shea butter is a mine of benefits for the skin, and especially that of babies, finer and therefore more fragile than that of adults. During the change: to avoid diaper rash, nothing like shea butter. It relieves and protects against both redness and irritation. After the bath: After drying the baby's skin (especially in all small folds), heat a sheaf of shea between your palms and pass them over the entire baby's body. His skin will be all soft. Essential to all mothers, shea butter is also the ideal accomplice for massaging your baby in a gentle way. 5. IT PREVENTS AND ATTENUES THE APPARARANCE OF STRETCH MARK During pregnancy, to avoid the appearance of stretch marks, it is essential to moisturize the skin deep and regularly. Shea butter will relieve itching, tightness effects and preserve the elasticity of your skin. Apply a generous layer of shea butter to sensitive areas (hips, buttocks, belly, breasts) and massage long. To be done every day, morning and evening, for maximum efficiency. It is also advisable in case of appearance of streaks on the breasts, the thighs or glutes often after the loss or the weight gain. 6. IT'S A REPAIR MASK FOR VERY DRY HAIR OR DAMAGED HAIR Particularly recommended for curly or frizzy hait which tend to dry out faster, shea butter by softening the hair will allow the sebum to circulate more freely along the length of the capillary rod. Thus better nourrished, the hair becomes more flexible, stronger and more brilliant. Smooth hair is not left behind because the action of the shea butter also allows to sheathe the hair and therefore to protect the hair from daily agressions and and to fight against the forks. Apply in mask at night before going to bed and wrap your head with a towel that you will keep all night. You can apply the butter on all the hair or only on the tips. The next morning, wash your hair with your usual shampoo. Make two shampoos if necessary to remove the remains of shea butter and avoid weighing down the hair. QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS We pay critical care to the quality of the raw materials selected forWAAM. All our products are made of natural ingredients and as often as possible from organic farming. Our commitment extends to af rming that we use no parabens, silicones, phenoxythanol, nanoparticles, PEG, perfumes and synthetic colors in our products. WAAMproducts are manufactured in France with procedures respectfull of the environment. Their packaging is minimal and recyclable. All of our containers: glass, plastic and our cardboard boxes and bags, are made of recycled materials and are not laminated.













Le karité est de très bonne qualité d'ou le fait qu'on puisse le trouver difficile à appliquer ! Et l'odeur est dingue ! <br /> Petit conseil le fouetter à froid avec une autre huile pour l'assouplir et le rendre plus facile à appliquer.

Sabrina L


Je l'ai acheté y'a un petit moment mais je suis accro à son odeur de yuzu qui change des autres beurres de karité

Camille Robin

Je déconseille

Produit très difficile à appliquer pour une efficacité peu convaincante<br /> Je déconseille

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Maeva-Laure DALE

Parfum très agréable

Très bon produit avec une odeur agréable et qui sort de l'ordinaire! Le Yuzu nous donne un coup de peps!

Catherine Verger

Vraiment bien

La peau est vraiment plus belle après avoir appliqué ce beurre, il sent très bon et s'imprègne assez vite dans la peau et la rend vraiment très douce et hydratée.

Camille Morillon

Super !

Un produit super, qui sent très bon, très agréable à appliquer.

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