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pur et 100 purct vegetal pur et 100 purct nature
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Vegetable Glycerin

4,92 €- 200ml

pur et 100 purct vegetal pur et 100 purct vegetal

Capacity: 200 ml Moisturizing and humectant Agent Face, Body & Hair

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Vegetable glycerin Humectant, moisturizing and softening. Gylcerin, 100% of vegetable origin, also called glycerol is a cosmetic agent that is moisturizing and emollient. Whether it is for the skin or hair, vegetable glycerin will help you to keep them hydrated longer because of its ability to attract water and hold it back. It will bring more gentleness to your care, making them less drying and less irritating to you. Vegetable glycerin, the soft ally of your skin and hair. It is easily incorporated into your creams, shampoos, shower gels, to make the most of its benefits. The benefits of vegetable glycerin Our vegetable glycerin is 100% natural and contains no chemical or genetically motified organisms.  - It will bringsoftness and hydratationto your skin and yoru hair. - It moisturizes the skin and hair. Vegetable glycerin, thanks to its humectant power, will attract water and keep it at the level of your hair or your skin and protect them from dehydration - It will make the skin and hair softer. - It will make yoru daily care more moisturizing. Simply incorporate it directly into your creams, masks or shampoos. Add the water-based glycerin of your preparations before emulsifying. How to use vegetable glycerin?  Vegetable glycerin is a cosmetic active ingredient that is incorporated into your neutral bases or in the care you use a daily basis. You can put it in your face creams, body milks, lip balms, shampoos, hower gels, soaps, ahir masks, … It easily mixes with products of liquid or thick consistency in general, its syrupy texture facilitating its incorporation. It must nevertheless be known that it does not miw with oil.   As for the dosage, it should be 1 to 10% depending on the needs of your skin or hair. Vegetable glycerin is ideal for all types of skin or hair (it will be the ally of the direst hair and skins). Don't use it pure on the skin. Keep out of the reach of children.


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