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  Hair and Body et corps Moisturizing, Softening and Sublimating Protection of the skin and hair, dry skin, dry hair, curly or brittle hair, wellness massage.  100 ml

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COCONUT OIL Hydrating, softening and sublimating It has so many exceptional nutritional qualities that it makes you very quickly, feel as if you were transported to sunny tropical islands. Mythical beauty ritual of the tropics, coconut oil, naturally rich in saturated fatty acids has extraordinary emollient properties. It deeply nourishes the driest of hair and gently soothes damaged skin. Did you know?Monoï, the famous oinment that Tahitian women use daily to care for their legendarily smooth skin and protect it from the high sun exposure, is in fact Coconut oil simply fragranced with Thiare flowers. Coconut oil is your best friend ! Without a doubt ! If you like to have on hand a multipurpose product which you can either use alone or as a basis for numerous homemade beauty recipes such as toothpastes, soaps, shaving creams, deodorants. It can also tame your hair frizz in no time and give you the Wahines’ soft skin. WAAM TIPS In treatment or prevention of cracked dry skin,apply locally twice daily. For your hair, apply all along the hair until the end tips, and process to styling. Composition & Texture Pure coconut oil, no perfume. The coconut oil is solid at naturally ambient temperature (25°C). If necessray, place the bottle in a bath of hot water at about 50°C. Do NOT use the double-bath. BENEFITS Antioxidant Prevents wrinkles and sagging. Combat les vergetures.Fights stretch marks . Strengthens nails Strengthens nails Packaging 3.38 FL OZ bottle with self-service cap. QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS Our organic oils are 100% pure. They are mostly cold pressed within the year. Therefore we can guarantee excellent quality products, with preserved properties. We pay critical care to the quality of the raw materials selected forWAAM All our products are made of natural ingredients and as often as possible from organic farming. Our commitment extends to af rming that we use no parabens, silicones, phenoxythanol, nanoparticles, PEG, perfumes and synthetic colors in our products. WAAMproducts are manufactured in France with procedures respectfull of the environment. Their packaging is minimal and recyclable. All of our containers: glass, plastic and our cardboard boxes and bags, are made of recycled materials and are not laminated.











Lucile JAMS

Un bonheur pour la peau!

J'adore cette huile qui raffermit, nourrit et adoucit la peau. Elle est très vite absorbée et ne laisse donc pas de film gras. Mes seuls regrets: son coté inodore et son tout petit conditionnement (pratique en voyage mais trop vite finit).

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