Dimensions : 65x65cm

Use: Ideal for wrapping small gifts

Advantages: Zero waste, original, practical, colorful and reusable




Large format 65x65cm FUROSHIKI

Looking for an original idea to wrap your Christmas gifts and make a splash when giving them to your loved ones? Go for Furoshiki!

A zero-waste alternative to conventional packaging in disposable gift wrap, Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese packaging technique.
It consists of wrapping and maintaining objects using a square of folded and knotted fabrics. Exit adhesive tape and ribbon, no need for scissors or sewing either, the Furoshiki is self-sufficient.

Any product can easily be wrapped using Furoshiki regardless of its size and especially whatever its shape.
No need to have a rectangular shape to get a nice package. There are millions of possibilities for folding and knotting to adapt to each shape.

The plus of Furoshiki? It avoids waste and is infinitely reusable! You will make 2 gifts in 1 since it can have a second life:
- In gift packaging at will
- In scarf
- In bag
- For DIY sewing

So go ahead, add color and cheerfulness under your tree with the Furoshiki!

Did you know ?

Furoshiki (風呂敷) means “ backpack for the bath” in Japanese. Traditionally this small knotted scarf was used to transport toiletries to public baths.

Meaning and symbolism of the motif :
The Asanoha motif is a traditional Japanese motif, the motif is geometric and repetitive in the shape of a six-pointed star which also represents hemp leaves.
Often used for kimonos of babies and children, it symbolizes the hope that they will become big and strong just like hemp which grows vigorously without requiring much care.



Dimensions : 65x65cm square
Manufacture: France
Material: 100% cotton sewn in France
Colors and patterns : 2 colors available:<
- Fabric« Asanoha » : geometric pattern with terracotta background, pattern in cream color
- Fabric « Asanoha » : geometric pattern with white background , red motif - terracotta



How to tie Furoshiki ?

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