Dimensions : 65x65cm

Use: Ideal for wrapping small gifts

Advantages: Zero waste, original, practical, colorful and reusable

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Large format 65x65cm FUROSHIKI

Looking for an original idea to wrap your Christmas gifts and make a splash when giving them to your loved ones? Go for Furoshiki!

A zero-waste alternative to conventional packaging in disposable gift wrap, Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese packaging technique.
It consists of wrapping and maintaining objects using a square of folded and knotted fabrics. Exit adhesive tape and ribbon, no need for scissors or sewing either, the Furoshiki is self-sufficient.

Any product can easily be wrapped using Furoshiki regardless of its size and especially whatever its shape.
No need to have a rectangular shape to get a nice package. There are millions of possibilities for folding and knotting to adapt to each shape.

The plus of Furoshiki? It avoids waste and is infinitely reusable! You will make 2 gifts in 1 since it can have a second life:
- In gift packaging at will
- In scarf
- In bag
- For DIY sewing

So go ahead, add color and cheerfulness under your tree with the Furoshiki!

Did you know ?

Furoshiki (風呂敷) means “ backpack for the bath” in Japanese. Traditionally this small knotted scarf was used to transport toiletries to public baths.



Dimensions : 65x65cm square
Manufacture: France
Material: 100% cotton sewn in France
Colors and patterns : Yellow fabric



How to tie Furoshiki ?

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