For thousands of years, all around the world, women have drawn from nature for simple and effective beauty and well-being recipes.

Inspired by these traditional beauty secrets, WAAM invites you to enjoy Nature’s most potent ressources and its most marvelous treasures, through a range of pure oils and butters, carefully selected and cold pressed.

Because our conviction is that each of us can become the owner of our own beauty and well-being, WAAM invites you to discover another way to consume cosmetics through the use of simple and genuine products drawn directly from nature.

And because each WAAM oil and butter can be used for multiple needs, they can be used pure or mixed according to your daily desires, and your tastes.

With WAAM you control precisely your skin and hair needs as you make your own beauty products.

According to your desires, you will discover some simple and natural recipes for your care, while expressing your creativity through the making of «home made» cosmetics.

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