for a successful hair transition


What is a hair transition ?

This is the period when we switch from conventional to natural products.

We replace our "conventional" and controversial products with more respectful products, with a healthy composition and natural origin. This way, we avoid harmful effects on our health, our bodies, our hair and the environment !

This implies :

  • Define a new routine with healthy products.
  • It takes time for the scalp and hair fiber to detoxify, purify and eliminate the chemicals used over the years.
  • Stop using heated tools such as straighteners, curlers, etc.
  • Stop using "miracle" treatments like Brazilian straightening and botox, as well as perms, straightening and chemical coloring.


Why make a hair transition ?

It's an essential step in going natural. Thanks to it, you'll rediscover the true nature of your hair. Your hair will be healthier and more beautiful - naturally !

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The first thing to do when starting your hair transition is to analyze the condition of your hair. Hair that's too damaged is difficult to repair. It's better to start from 0 if the ends are split, the lengths brittle and/or bleached, for example. Then it's time to stock up on all the natural, healthy products you'll need for this new daily routine.

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Detoxifying hair care - REC436

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It's the essential step for a successful hair transition! It helps rid the hair fiber of chemicals accumulated over time.
Routine to be carried out every 2-3 shampoos for approximately 2 weeks.

  • Once a week, we apply a clay of your choice: mix the clay with warm water to form a paste. Before shampooing, wet your hair and apply the clay paste to your scalp and lengths. Leave on for 15 to 30 minutes, but don't let the paste dry, as this could dehydrate your hair.
  • Then wash with Gentle shampoo. Then, with the Detangling Balm. We make a mask with the Nourishing Hair Care, ideal for nourishing and moisturizing all hair types. Finally, rinse with vinegar to add shine.

  • Proceed with your new natural and healthy styling routine: moisturize with aloe Vera, we feed with the Nourishing Hair Care, and seal in moisture, beautify and intensely nourish with a vegetable oil.

  • We space out shampoos to avoid drying out the hair and stimulating the overproduction of sebum. Between 2 washes, you can use powders such as Rice powder as a dry shampoo, to remove grease from roots.


Detoxifying hair care - REC436

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No heating appliances !
To avoid drying out and damaging the hair, we use protective hairstyles such as banana buns, braids and vanilles. To be used at night or on a daily basis (they also prevent rubbing and breakage).

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Beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp. To achieve this, you need a healthy diet and good moisturizing. Complete the picture with a course of Hair Food Supplements for vigorous, beautiful, long hair. To stimulate hair growth, you can also use :


Sprouting Elixir - REC245

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The hair transition may be long, but it's worth it! Your hair will regain its shine, strength, vigor, thickness and length, but above all, its true nature. Admire your new hair at last with this daily routine created in step 2.

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