Organic brahmi powder

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Natural Natural
Made in France Made in France
Vegan Vegan
fortifying Soothing Anti-aging

Organic brahmi powder


Face, body, and hair

Brahmi adds shine and softness to hair, soothes and slows skin ageing.

Uses: Skin and haircare as a cleanser, mask, or hair spray

Indications: All skin types, dark hair, fine hair, dandruff

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Natural Natural
Made in France Made in France
Vegan Vegan
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Organic brahmi powder
fortifying Soothing Anti-aging



Fortifying, soothing, anti-aging!

Derived from a small, oily, aquatic perennial plant, Brahmi powder is best known for its hair-toning properties.

Brahmi powder makes hair thicker and shinier. Used in shampoos or hair masks, it is a real sheathing treatment. On the other hand, it tends to darken hair, making it ideal for dark hair.

On the skin, Brahmi powder is soothing, reducing redness and pimples. It is also recommended for combating skin ageing and brightening the complexion.

The botanical minute

Brahmi powder is obtained from Bacopa, a plant in the Scrophulariaceae family. It's a succulent perennial plant, 20 to 25cm maximum, found in water and sometimes even completely submerged.


Product composition

INCI: Bacopa Monnieri leaf powder.

Names: Bacopa monnieri, water hyssop, brahmi, Herpestis minnieria.

Origin: India.

Part used: Leaves

Production process: Leaves dried and ground to powder.

Solubility: Insoluble in water and oil.

Powder colour: Light brown.


100g kraft paper bag with zip fastener.

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Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place, away from sources of heat and protected from light.


Avoid using metal containers and utensils (other than stainless steel).Test on the elbow or a small area 24 hours before use to limit any reactions.

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse for several minutes, keeping the eyelids open. Do not swallow. If swallowed, rinse the mouth.

Did you know?

This plant is often used as a decorative plant in aquariums.






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Fortifying and thickening

Adds volume and shine

Reduces hair loss

Product Quality

Our plant powders are 100% pure and natural. Obtained by grinding plants, we guarantee products of excellent quality, with preserved properties. Particular care is taken to ensure the quality of the ingredients we select. All our products are made with ingredients of natural origin and/or organically grown. Our commitment includes the use of healthy ingredients and alternatives to controversial ingredients. WAAM products are made in France. Their packaging is designed to limit the impact on the environment. For this reason, we have chosen not to use over-packaging or any superfluous packaging accessories.