Dry hair

What to do when your hair is dry? Weakened hair can become brittle. So it's best to adopt a moisturizing and nourishing hair routine based on natural, gentle care products:

What are the best plant oils for dry, damaged hair?

- To be used as an oil bath and/or applied to lengths and ends as a finishing/styling oil, choose the ones that best suit your needs: many oils are recommended and can help you regain strong, supple, more resistant hair to avoid dullness, breakage or split ends. Nutrition is the key to strong, radiant lengths. You'll find avocado, argan, sweet almond and coconut oils, to name but a few.

What care products based on natural ingredients are best for dry hair?

- Wash your hair gently with Shampoo Doux BIO, a neutral, customizable base that adapts to your needs and desires.

- Detangle with Baume Démêlant BIO to help reduce tangles and add softness and shine. Then create a homemade dry hair mask with Soin Capillaire Nourrissant BIO, a customizable base that can be used as a conditioner on lengths and ends, or as a leave-in styling product for extra moisture and softness.

- On towel-dried hair, deeply moisturize with Organic Aloe Vera and/or Organic Flaxseed Gel, to which you can add a few drops of your favorite oils.

Our natural oils and treatments for dry hair will leave your hair moisturized, nourished and soft!

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