i wanted to create a beauty brand for everyone. A brand that reassures, that brings people together and for which respect for Humanity, Nature and Living Things is paramount. Above all, I wanted to highlight nature's ingredients, using them to create simple, healthy skincare products inspired by the beauty recipes of my childhood and my travels.

sharing beauty

Since 2016 and the launch of the iconic Yuzu Shea Butter, WAAM has grown up quite a bit. Today, we're a whole team of enthusiasts, driven by the desire to seek out, for you, the best beauty products and recipes from around the world in an ever more ethical and fairer approach.


We're living this great adventure with you, our #WAAMfamily. And it's thanks to you that we're making progress. By listening to you, sharing with you, learning from you. By sharing our vision of natural, plural and personal beauty, which resembles each of us and is enriched by all cultures.

Because we are all of mixed race.
Because we are all WAAM.
We Are All Metis.

It's our strongest bond.
Let's keep on passing it on. Let's keep sharing. Together, let's share the beauty.


Waam founderDieynaba