WAAAAW! Collection

A sunny, natural, luminous collection for a tanned complexion all year round !

New formula


For a naturally tanned complexion

For naturally sublimated hair

Preparing your tan from the inside out

New for 2023

The Chantilly WAAAAW!

Illuminating Chantilly for body & hair - Limited Edition

Repairer Protector Illuminator
Chantilly WAAAAW

New for 2023

The Chantilly WAAAAW!

Illuminating Chantilly for body & hair - Limited Edition

Repairer Protector Illuminator

Discover the brand-new Chantilly Pailletée WAAAAW! the latest addition to your favorite Summer Collection! With its creamy, gourmand texture, shine with beauty all summer long thanks to this nourishing, illuminating and protective treatment for body and hair.

Why we love it

Because it's a complete, multi-purpose, ultra-nourishing skin care product! A truly finished product with a 100% natural and healthy composition. It will perfectly care for and sublimate your hair and skin. And its incomparable, subtle monoi scent will transport you to the sun. It's a real cloud of softness and richness !

Who’s next

Meeting at the "Who's next" show

Founder D.N.: "When I met Peau Neuve for the first time, I was immediately touched by the gentleness and sincerity she radiated. But above all, I was impressed by the contrast between her humility and the immense admiration I could see in the eyes of her subscribers. Those who had been lucky enough to win participation in her workshop were really happy to be there! "


There followed several shares on her blog and social networks before launching the WAAAAW! collection in 2018. "It was in fact the birth of a great friendship, and a real complicity that we share through this WAAAAW! range in which she puts all her heart, creativity and seriousness" - D.N. A 100% green collaboration for glow and summer.


Launch of the WAAAAW! collection

Every summer, Peau Neuve likes to apply a natural shimmering oil to her body to intensify her tan and sublimate her skin.
This oil has quite simply become a must-have on her blog for all those who want to "prolong the pleasure of the sun". With this in mind, the blogger has created her own pearlescent oil to meet her needs and desires: an oil that makes you look beautiful while being NATURAL AND HEALTHY!
Sharing the same values as WAAM, a collaboration was obvious and WAAAAW! oil was born in May 2018. In 2023, the composition of WAAAAW! Oil is improved to offer a drier touch and allow the flakes to remain in suspension.

13,70 €
33,60 €

A fragrance with the scent of summer

After the success of WAAAAW! oil, a brand new collaboration with Peau Neuve was born: The fragrance WAAAAW!
Many of you loved the smell of WAAAAW! oil, so we've created a fragrance for it.
A fragrance to apply to the skin or hair. Its delicious Tiaré flower fragrance will transport you to the sun.


Beautiful skin begins from the inside out

In keeping with the "Summer Glow" theme, WAAAAW! capsules are the big news for 2020. They prepare the skin before exposure to the sun, prolong the tan at the end of the summer, and bring radiance, luminosity and a healthy glow to the complexion. WAAAAW! capsules are made from 3 carefully selected natural ingredients: Spirulina, Urucum and Dunaliella.

29,40 €
11,60 €

Sun protection... for hair !

The WAAAAW! hair ritual is a protective, nourishing and fortifying hair care product, composed of 100% natural plant oils such as Buriti with a gentle Monoï scent. It protects the hair fiber from external aggressions and is particularly suitable for hair exposed to sun, salt or chlorine. It also promotes hair growth.


WAAAAW! milk, a story of texture

WAAAAW! milk is moisturizing and nourishing, but also shimmering and illuminating! It's ideal for those who need hydration as well as nutrition. Rapidly absorbed, it leaves skin soft and supple, with a dry finish.
Use as a shimmering body lotion, as a face lotion to replace BB cream or as a glittering hair lotion !

21 €
21,00 €

Chantilly WAAAAW!

With its incomparably creamy, velvety texture, Chantilly WAAAAW! will transport you to the sun with its delicate monoi fragrance and golden glitter. Very rich and protective, it enhances and cares for hair and skin. It is less rich in glitter than WAAAAW! A sublimated tan is yours !