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cucumber floral water

They're fans !


I think this floral water is great! I've tried a whole bunch of floral waters to lightly moisturize and refresh my skin and this one is really the best.
As well as being effective, it smells of fresh cucumber...

- Cloé A.


It's become a must-have. i use it after makeup removal to replace a toner. it's ultra-moisturizing and i love the smell. sometimes it's my first thing in the morning before coffee and before a shower to wake up my face when i feel very tired. i store it in the fridge and that makes it even more effective. i love, or rather adore, this product. i can't imagine ever doing without it. i buy them in packs of 2 so i never run out

- Pascale F.


I love this product! Perfect for refreshing the complexion before applying serum and/or cream. I also apply it to the body on areas that have been over-sunned, and it feels great !

- Laura B.