Glass roll-on 10ml

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Glass roll-on 10ml

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Glass roll-on 10ml Uses: Anti-wrinkle or anti-dark circle care, anti-puffiness serum, anti-imperfection care, lip gloss, perfume, aromatherapy

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Natural Natural
Made in France Made in France
Glass roll-on 10ml



This pretty clear glass roll-on with a ball is ideal for storing and applying your preparations and treatments to precise or hard-to-reach areas, but it can also store your beauty care products like your lip gloss for example!

The roll-on also enables you to apply your skincare products in a very hygienic way. In fact, the ball reduces the risk of depositing bacteria on your face and creating imperfections!

The roll-on also has a massaging action on the skin, stimulating collagen production.

The risk of depositing bacteria on your face and creating imperfections is greatly reduced!

The advantages of this container:

Convenient, easy-to-carry format

Strong, resistant glass

Sturdy screw-on cap

A ball for targeted application of your blends


Product composition

Dimensions: H. 8.5cm x D. 1.9cm

Capacity: 10ml

Material: Glass, plastic cap and ball.

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How to reuse your empty containers?

Colour: Clear and silver

Cleaning and disinfecting:

This roll-on is reusable, easy to open, clean and disinfect. You can wash it with soap and water. Then dry with a clean, dry cloth or let air dry.

To disinfect, simply rinse with alcohol at 60°C, then rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a clean, dry cloth.

We recommend that you clean and/or disinfect your empty containers before using them for the first time.


It's so easy to use!

Unscrew the cap of your roll-on and remove the clear part with the ball.

Then fill it with the mixture of your choice. If necessary, don't hesitate to use a funnel to facilitate filling.

Replace the ball and screw on the cap.

Once your roll-on has been filled with your cosmetic care product, roll the ball onto the areas to be treated.

Possible uses

Anti-wrinkle or dark circle treatment

Anti-puffiness serum

Anti-imperfection and anti-blemish care

Perfumes, aromatherapy


What product(s) should I use it with?

Vegetable oils

Essential oils


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