Beige bowl

Beige bowl My natural beauty: Design and practicality

Beige bowl


Design, eco-responsible and just the right size, this bowl will help you mix your tambouille.

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Beige bowl My natural beauty: Design and practicality
Beige bowl


Perfectly sized, this pretty WAAM bowl with its original design will bring the functionality and beauty of nature into your home.

Indeed, WAAM is a brand that stands for healthy, authentic beauty and, above all, the blending of cultures. We wanted to convey these values through original design and warm colours.

Eco-responsible and of the highest quality, WAAM remains true to its mission to protect nature and the environment.

Functional, this little bowl is perfect for creating your own homemade cosmetics. Neither too large nor too small, its perfect size makes it easy and pleasant to handle.

It's an essential accessory for your DIY recipes.

WAAM tips

You'll be inspired to make lots of recipes in this pretty little WAAM bowl.

For even more beauty tips and DIY recipes, visit our 'DIY recipes' section.


Product composition

Dimension: Length: 11.5cm Width: 6cm.

Colour: Beige

Material: Plastic

Cleaning and disinfection

This reusable bowl is easy to clean and disinfect.

Although dishwasher-safe, we recommend placing it in the top row of your dishwasher.

You can also wash the bowl with soap and water and a damp sponge. Dry with a clean, dry cloth.


Once you've measured, dosed, and weighed all the ingredients you need for your recipe, you can prepare your emulsion in this pretty bowl, perfectly suited to DIY recipes. To mix your emulsion, we recommend using our stainless steel mini whisk.

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