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  Hair Stimulating, Nourishing and Gaining 100 ml

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MUSTARD OIL Stimuling, Nourishing and Gaining Mustard Oil is a precisous beauty secret of Indian and Arab women, a nugget for hair growth. It is renowned for fighting effectively against hair loss and dandruff, it stimulates the blood circulation while bringing shine and hydratation. It is the ideal treatment for hair always longer and silky powerful oil with a pungent oder, it fights against the fall of the hair and favors the growth. The fatty acids protect the length. Mustard oil is your best friend ! Obtained by cold pressing of the mustard seeds, mustard oil will enchant all the women who wish to have hair as long as Jasmine. Aromatic, its piquant perfume stimulates the growth and leaves a soft heat on the scalp. The proof that its acts in depth. It is perfect for long, wrapped hair. And yes, mustard oil smells like mustard but rest assured it does not sting. Mustard oil will quickly become your best friend for a dream mane. WAAM TIPS To accelerate the growth of the hair: apply the mixture in oil bath before shampoo and carry out light massages of the sclap. Rinse and proceed to shampoo. Composition & Texture Oil of mustard seeds. Thick and viscous, yellow in color. Use This powerful oil with a slightly heated effect, is preferably used in combination with other vegetable oils. Conditionnement 3.38 FL OZ bottle with self-service cap. QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS Our organic oils are 100% pure. They are mostly cold pressed within the year. Therefore we can guarantee excellent quality products, with preserved properties. We pay critical care to the quality of the raw materials selected for WAAM. All our products are made of natural ingredients and as often as possible from organic farming. Our commitment extends to affirming that we use no parabens, silicones, phenoxythanol, nanoparticules, PEG, perfumes and synthetic colors in our products. WAAM products are manufactured in France with procedures respectfull of the environment. Theur packaging is minimal and recyclable. All of our containers: glass, plastic and our cardboard boxes and bags are made of recycled materials and are not laminated.













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