Mini spatula

Mini spatula


Small flexible spatula

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Mini spatula



With this mini flexible spatula, you'll be able to transfer all your small preparations into an empty container. It allows you to recover all of your preparation, so you won't lose a crumb!

You can also use it to mix your ingredients.

WAAM tips

You can also use it to apply your hair mask or face mask.

For even more beauty tips and DIY recipes, visit our 'Recipes' section.


Product composition

Dimensions: Length: 17cm

Colour: White and light beige

Material: Beech wood and rubber

Cleaning and disinfection

The flexible spatula is reusable and easy to clean and disinfect.

Because of its wooden handle, we advise against putting this spatula in your dishwasher, as over time the wood may become damaged.

The simplest and most effective solution is to wash it with warm water and soap using a sponge. Then dry with a clean, dry cloth.


Use alone

The flexible spatula makes it easy to mix and pour your DIY recipes. Its soft rubber tip makes it ideal for scraping the bottom of bowls and jars without scratching.

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