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All about neutral bases

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WAAM neutral bases are one of the brand's best sellers. They've found their place in your beauty routines, much to our delight.
We've included a number of DIY recipes on our website to give you ideas on how to use them, but how about an overview of all our neutral bases? They'll hold no more secrets for you!

Why did you launch the Waam neutral bases?

More and more of you want to create your own cosmetics, so that you can be in control of the products you consume. Some people take the plunge, while others may find it tedious and end up not doing it at all. To help as many people as possible get started in DIY beauty, we've launched 5 neutral cosmetic bases for personalized skincare. Homemade cosmetics just got easier, you save time and they're suitable for the whole family.

We hope this article will help you make the most of our neutral bases. They've been designed with you in mind, to help you make the most of the stress-free world of homemade cosmetics.

You'll find plenty of recipes on the site featuring these bases.

As a reminder, our bases are customizable, 100% natural and made with organic ingredients. They are fragrance-free and preserved. To personalize them, add vegetable oils, essential oils, floral waters, active ingredients or natural fragrances.

Gentle cleansing gel

This gentle base cleans and purifies skin and even hair. It's gentle because it's sulfate-free and contains no harsh surfactants. We've replaced them with gentle foaming agents to care for the skin of young and old alike.

With the gentle cleansing gel base, you can create customized shower gels and bubble baths to suit your needs and tastes, hand care products and even face wash gels.

Gentle cleansing gel

Sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfate-free shampoo

As with the gentle cleansing gel, the sulfate-free shampoo is a very gentle base formulated without sulfates. Enriched with aloe vera, it gently cleanses and detangles even the most delicate hair. This neutral base can be used daily and customized to suit the hair needs of the whole family.

Combined with vegetable or essential oils, rhassoul or any other active ingredient, you can create a unique shampoo.

Moisturizing milk

This 100% customizable body care product is enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter, vegetable oils and aloe vera. Used alone, it nourishes, moisturizes, soothes and softens the skin. Its rich, creamy texture makes skin suppler, while protecting it from external aggressors.

With our moisturizing milk base, you can create face and body milks and creams tailored to your skin's needs . Add vegetable or essential oils, butters or other active ingredients to care for the skin of the whole family. Moisturizing milk can be used as a base for liniments or cleansing milks.

Moisturizing milk

Cleansing oil

WAAMCleansing Oil is also a customizable base. It's an oily cleanser rich in sweet almond oil. It will cleanse your face, especially if you like oil-based make-up removal. It will also cleanse and nourish your body. Used after a shower, the cleansing oil will help keep your skin moisturized all day long.

You can make your own personalized shower oils. They'll make your skin silkier and softer, as well as nourishing and protecting it from dehydration. If you're a fan of oil-based make-up removal, our cleansing oil will replace your usual oils.

Used alone or customized, it will remove even the most stubborn make-up. It can be mixed with floral water for a two-phase make-up remover. Finally, if you're looking for an ultra-gentle treatment for your intimacy, you can combine it with Gentle Cleansing Gel to create an Intimate Cleansing Gel.
Combined with the moisturizing milk, it will take the place of your baby cleansing milks or even your make-up remover milks. The possibilities are endless.

Cleansing oil

Nourishing hair care

This is your favorite of our neutral bases. And with good reason. This 100% natural hair base is made from organically grown ingredients. It is suitable for all hair types (really all).

The nourishing hair care is made with aloe vera, shea butter, argan, jojoba and coconut oils, to delight your hair.

We've chosen to offer you a multi-purpose, low-cost treatment suitable for the whole family. You can create hair masks adapted to your hair's needs (before and after shampooing), detangling conditioners, shampoo-free cleansers and leave-in care products.

Add plant oils, essential oils, powders and active ingredients for your masks. Mix the base with floral waters to make hair milks or rhassoul for your no poo..

Nourishing hair care

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