Face, body and hair. Purifying, anti-oxidizing and repairing. Hair loss, skin problems, body tensions. 100 ml

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BLACK SEED OIL Purifying, anti-oxidant and repairing. Adored by Oriental women and very often used in medicine, this Black Seed Oilcommonly called "black cumin" is a true teasure of beauty in the natural! Extracted from a cold pressure of the black seeds of the plant nigella with blue or white flowers cultivated more often in Egypt,Black seed Oil is known for its aromatic quality, for its power to tone the scalp, to treat the skin problems and even to relieve body tensions. True ancestral care, back cuminis considered as the " cure all diseases except the death" (Prophet Mohammed). This oil is going to put everone in agreement ! Black Seed Oil is your best friend ! Trying is adopting! Used for millennia by Oriental women for beauty care, Black Seed Oil is an ancestral care and an ideal ally for skin problems thanks to its purifying and repairing properties. Once tested, you will not be able to without it! WAAM TIPS For the face : To relieve an acne skin, apply black seed oil on all your skin or locally by performing massages. For the hair : Massage your scalp with the black seed oil and apply it o the lengths and the tips. Composition & Texture Pure black seed oil, extracted by cold pressure and composed of mineral salts, vitamin E, oliga- elements (sodium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, zinc). Thick and viscous, pale yellow in color. Benefits Tones the scalp, stops the hair loss and stimulates the growth of hair. Nourishes and repairs the skin. Relieves body tensio. Packaging 3.38 FL OZ bottle with self-service cap. QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS Our organic oils are 100% pure. Tey are mostly cold pressed within the year. Therefore we can guarantee excellent quality products, with preserved properties. We pay critical care to the quality of the raw materials selected byWAAM. All our products are made of natural ingredients and as often as possible from organic farming. Our commitment extends to affirming that we use no parabens, silicones, phenoxythanol, nanoparticles, PEG, perfumes and synthetic colors in our products. WAAM products are manufactured in France with procedures respectfull of the environment. Their packaging is minimal and recyclable. All of our containers: glass, plastic and our cardboard boxes and bags are made of recycled materails and are not laminated.











Geraldine B.

Excellente qualité !

Cette huile fait des merveilles à mes cheveux et à ma peau. Je suis ravie. En plus le packaging est beau et très pratique. Bravo !

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