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Anti-dandruff shampoo

Dandruff REC590
5 min
1 month

Dandruff? Everyone's worst nightmare. Get rid of it with this homemade shampoo made with neem powder, tea tree essential oil, and garlic oil. Say goodbye to dandruff.

Before starting your DIY recipes, it is important to download the recommended Hygiene Rules.

Attributes amount 100g

  • 6 tablespoons mild shampoo base (90.7g / 90.7ml / 90.7%)

  • 1 teaspoon neem powder (2g / 2%)

  • 1 teaspoon garlic oil (4g / 4ml / 4%)

  • 10 drops tea tree essential oil (0.3g / 0.3%)

  • ½ teaspoon touloucouna oil (3g / 3ml / 3%)


  1. Weigh and mix the mild shampoo base with the neem powder.

  2. Once the mixture is smooth, add garlic oil, touloucouna oil and tea tree essential oil.

  3. Whisk for several minutes.

  4. Transfer your preparation into a clean container.

  5. Your recipe is finished.

How to use this product

Apply anti-dandruff shampoo recipe to wet hair. Massage into the scalp in circular motions. Rinse with fresh water. You can use this recipe several times a week.

Focus on the ingredients

The gentle shampoo base is sulphate-free and enriched with aloe vera, to gently cleanse and detangle hair. Neutral and very well tolerated, it is suitable for daily use by the whole family.

Used in Ayurvedic tradition, neem powder helps maintain a healthy scalp and soothes it, preventing dandruff and itching.

Garlic oil is purifying and helps eliminate dandruff.

Tea tree essential oil will perfume your shampoo while purifying your scalp. It helps eliminate dandruff.

Touloucouna oil nourishes, protects, and fights dandruff.

Precautions & Warnings

Allergen: Limonene

Essential oils should be used with caution. Keep out of reach and sight of children. Do not use undiluted. Do not use on children, pregnant or nursing women, or people sensitive to essential oils. Consult a health care practitioner if you are taking medication or for any other use. Test in the crook of the elbow 48 hours before use. Some essential oils are photosensitising: Avoid going out in the sun after applying a product containing these essential oils.

Avoid contact with the eyes.

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