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Lalo rinse water

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A water rinse leaves your hair silky smooth.

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Necessary Materials

Attributes amount for 100ml

  • 7 tablespoons bottled mineral water (107.2g / 107.2 ml / 97.5%)

  • 1 teaspoon baobab leaf (2.8g / 2.5%)


  1. Place your baobab leaves in the handkerchief and close it with the elastic band.

  2. Put the water in a jug and heat over a bain-marie. When the water reaches 90°C, add your handkerchief.

  3. Leave to infuse for 30 minutes.

  4. Your recipe is finished

How to use this product

Wash your hair with your usual shampoo. Rinse hair with clear water. Once all shampoo residue has been removed, apply your rinse water to your hair. All that's left is to dry your hair.

We recommend shaking your water before each use.

You can use it on all hair types, especially curly and frizzy hair. It makes hair easier to detangle without weighing it down.

Here's a closer look at the ingredients in the Lalo curly hair homemade rinse water recipe:

Baobab leaves have the same properties as baobab leaf powder, also known as Lalo powder. It is rich in proteins, calcium and polysaccharides. It nourishes the scalp and keeps hair hydrated. Its sheathing power is very interesting. You can apply it to all hair types, especially curly and frizzy hair. It facilitates detangling without weighing hair down.

Precautions & Warnings

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