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Enter the grocery store of beauty!


The Beauty Corner Shop, a journey to the heart of beauty secrets from around the world!

To feel good about yourself you have to understand that it starts from the inside. It is nice to take care of our skin and hair, but the results are most satisfying when they come from within.

Did you know that there are a large number of foods that address our beauty concerns?

Beauty from the inside out

Beauty from the inside out

As we all know, the texture of our hair and the appearance of our skin are conditioned not only by what we apply to it, but also by what we consume.

For a luminous complexion, prefer carrots, and to avoid imperfections, banish grease. Of course, this is all very personal, and each body reacts in its own way. If you listen carefully, you'll understand its needs.

Start by paying attention to your diet, and add a few touches from thebeauty store.

What is L'épicerie de la beauté?

L'épicerie de la beauté is a journey of the senses to the four corners of the world, with authentic, natural products that you can use and integrate into your beauty routines. L'épicerie de la beauté is a universe filled with beauty secrets from all over the world, from Africa to India and the Islands. Use the ancestral beauty secrets that nature has given us. In the WAAMbeauty store you'll find food products for your well-being and beauty. From dietary supplements to herbal teas, teas and superfoods, we've got it all! Our aim is to offer the right natural product for every problem, whether it's lack of energy, digestive problems, brittle hair, blemishes and much more. Discover the products selected for l'épicerie de la beauté:

What is L'épicerie de la beauté?

WAAM x Kanthé infusions

- Rooibos Gourmand (Coconut & Cocoa):

This gourmet, theine-free, antioxidant-rich herbal tea will accompany you at any time of day. It brings warmth and energy in the morning, and comfort in the evening after a stressful day, thanks to cocoa beans, an excellent anti-fatigue and anti-stress ingredient. Coconut pieces add an extra touch of deliciousness.

- Rooibos Detox (Lemongrass & Mathé):

This fresh, low-sugar herbal tea can be enjoyed at any time of day, hot or iced, the choice is yours. It's ideal as a 28-day course of treatment, combined with a balanced diet to help you stay slim. The combination of green mate and lemongrass helps eliminate toxins and aids digestion

WAAM x Kanthé infusions
Focus on the WAAM x KANTHÉ collab

WAAM inaugurates thebeauty store with two new products in collaboration with Kanthé! A collaboration born of a shared love of Africa and natural beauty. The inner beauty that makes us feel good. They also share a love for pure, raw products, those found in nature and used for thousands of years by our ancestors, and which today are part of our beauty secrets.

The values of both brands are similar: sharing, discovery and authenticity, all around beauty, whether inner or outer.

This similarity could only come together in a collaboration between the two brands, and that's how Rooibos Détox & Gourmand infusions came into being!

Dried plants

Dried plants

- Calendula ORGANIC:

Calendula flowers are traditionally used in phytotherapy for their ability to help relieve digestive problems. They are also recommended for regulating menstrual periods and helping to cope with menopausal period pains and hot flushes.

These flowers are not only used in herbal teas. In homeopathy, they can also be prepared as a decoction and used on compresses for their healing and antibacterial benefits, or as a mouthwash for sore throats and gum problems.

And let's not forget its uses to brighten up your DIY projects, such as decorating your soaps and skincare products with its beautiful yellow color.

- Organic hibiscus:

The well-knownhibiscus flower is consumed in certain regions, notably as an infusion in the form of Bissap, a beverage said to have medicinal virtues. It can be drunk hot or cold. With its pinkish color and slightly fruity, tangy taste, it's impossible to resist. Its virtues? This herbal tea is antioxidant, refreshing and promotes drainage. It's also known to boost energy and vitality, which is why it's best taken during the day.

These pretty dried flowers can also be used in a wide range of DIY projects, from decorating soaps, candles and bath balls, to making fortifying hair rinse water.

Discover all our dried plants

Food supplements

- Ashwaghanda :

An Ayurvedic secret,Ashwagandha or Indian Ginseng is a so-called "adaptogen" plant. This type of plant is said to increase the body's natural ability to resist stress.

- Bacopa :

Bacopa is a plant native to India, where it is reputed to improve memory and concentration.

- Moringa :

Today considered a "superfood", Moringa contains numerous vitamins, as well as minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids. It helps strengthen the immune system and boost energy. Moringa is also an outstanding antioxidant.

- Stinging nettle:

Stinging nett le is a dietary supplement renowned for promoting the beauty of nails and hair. Rich in silica, zinc, vitamins and minerals, it also strengthens nails and promotes hair growth. It is also very interesting for its high iron content.

Discover all our dietary supplements

Food supplements



Here's our selection of SUPER FOOD plant powders! These plant powders contain a host of benefits for the body. Take advantage of their magical powers from the inside out! In a juice or added to your dishes, they'll give your body a natural boost.

- Baobab fruit powder:

Baobab fruit powder is known for its sweet, tangy taste. Because of its energizing properties, it is often used to combat fatigue. This tree, found notably in Africa and Madagascar, is a rich source of both vitamin C and calcium. Baobab powder is 7 times richer in vitamin C than an orange, 4 times richer in calcium than milk, and 9 times richer in fiber than prunes.

- Hibiscus powder:

Hibiscus makes a refreshing drink and is also a mild laxative. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It is a cholagogue, diuretic and uterine muscle relaxant. It is also hypotensive, spasmolytic and cholesterol-lowering.

You have all the ingredients you need to pamper yourself, inside and out. Become the best version of yourself with the beauty store!

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