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Capacity : 400ml For all types of hair.

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This cleansing base cleanses and purifies the skin without drying it. This gel respects the skin and is suitable for everyday use and for the whole family. The Soft Cleansing gel can be used pure or embellished with essential and/ or vegetables oils, florale waters, active or perfumes of your choice? So this Soft Cleansing gel can be used as a gentle base for personalized shower gels, face cleaners, bubble baths, liquid hand soaps or sulphate-free shampoos.   Composition Formulated from certified organic ingredients, this neutral gel is free of sulphates and aggressive surfactants. It contains gentle foaming agents to gently wash the skin and hair.   Use On all types of skins and hair. This base will wash the skin of the whole family gently. It can also be used as a gentle shampoo. To make a personalized care, add essential oils, vegetable oils or other active ingredients.   WAAM TIPS To accomplish your cleansing and facial cleansing treatment for the face, mix two basic washing doses with a dose of coconut oil. Make a bubble bath for the whole family by adding a few drops of a gourmet fragrance (between 15 and 60 drops for 100ml of base) Your beauty recipe Nourishing Shower Gel - 100ml neutral washing base - 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil - 1ml of vegetable glycerin - the fragrance of your choice Pour your washing base into a clean bowl. Add the sweet almond oil, vegetable glycerin and mix. Then add the fragrance of your choice. Transfer your mixture into a clean bottle, preferably with a pump. This recipe does not contain any essential oil. Your shower gel can be used by the whole family.   With your Soft Cleansing Gel, you can also realize many personalized treatments such as: - a milky washing gel for the intimate toilet - a hand washing gel - a gentle cleansing gel for the face.   For other beauty recipes, go to our "Recipes DIY" section.











Florie Annequin


très doux , fait une mousse "velours" tout mes enfants adorent aussi . quel dommage qu'il n'existe qu'en petit format étant famille nombreuse 1 pot semaine cela fait beaucoup de déchet :-(

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Gel lavant

Gel lavant neutre qui sert sous la douche et pour les mains toute la journée. Mélangé à de l'huile d'amande douce, un peu de glycérine et une HE au choix, c'est vraiment très bien.


Gel lavant très bien

Ce gel lavant neutre est vraiment très agréable et pratique pour les mélanges maison. Glisse bien, est doux, pratique à utiliser. Un peu cher je trouve.

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