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Growth booster shampoo

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Many of you are looking to beautify your hair by making it stronger, shinier, softer or even longer.

Unfortunately, it sometimes seems that the results aren't visible enough, especially when it comes to hair growth. In some cases, hair seems to stagnate and refuses to grow beyond a certain length..

That's why we've come up with a treatment to help you lengthen your hair by a few inches. Today, we'd like to suggest a shampoo to stimulate hair growth.

Before starting your DIY recipes, it is important to download the recommended Hygiene Rules.


  1. Weigh and mix the shampoo base with the castor oil.

  2. Gradually add the kapoor kachri powder and whisk.

  3. Transfer your shampoo into a clean container.

  4. Your recipe is finished.

How to use this product

Apply shampoo to damp hair and rinse with clear water.

Here's a closer look at the ingredients in our homemade hair growth booster shampoo recipe:

The organic-certified gentle shampoo gently cleanses and detangles hair. It is neutral, very well tolerated, and suitable for daily use by the whole family.

Kapoor Kachli powder naturally stimulates existing hair growth and leaves a pleasant scent on the hair, making it the ideal ally for preparing your hair care products.

Precautions & Warnings

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