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CARROT OIL Softening, Repairing and Soothing. Carrot oilhelps us to be joyful and desirable. Rich in vitamin A, it creates a beauty glow on your hair and skin all day long. This vitamin cocktail, specially rich in vitamin A, will give you an instant fresh look. It posseses antioxidative properties that provide carrot seed oil with a protective power that boost your natural defenses and boosts cell regeneration. It brings a natural golden tan to your skin while also softening it incredibly. It is ideal for dry and mature skins. It revitalizes dry hair over exposed to the sun. Carrot oil is your best friend ! Undoubtably ! If you need to protect your skin from UV lights before a well diserved sunbath. If the sun is not yet here, give your skin the tone you know means good health and good spirits. WAAM TIPS For your hair, apply as an oil bath, let sit for 15 minutes, then shampoo as usual.. For you face and body, add a few drop to your day cream for an instant healthy glow. Composition & Texture Macerated carrot seeds in carrier vegetable oil. Orange glowing oil with a very light natural fragrance. Benefits Softens hair and skinRegeneratrive properties Illuminates your skin Reinforces the skin natural defencesPrepares skin to tanProlongs the tan Packaging 3.38 FL OZ bottle with self-service cap. QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS Our organic oils are 100% pure. They are mostly cold pressed within the year. Therefore we can guarantee excellent quality products, with preserved properties. We pay critical care to the quality of the raw materials selected for WAAM. All our products are made of natural ingredients and as often as possible from organic farming. Our commitment extends to affirming that we use no parabens, silicones, phenoxythanol, nanoparticles, PEG, perfumes and synthetic colors in our products. WAAM products are manufactured in France with procedures respectfull of the environment. Their packaging is minimal and recyclable. All of our containers: glass, plastic and our cardboard boxes and bags, are made of recycled materials and are not laminated.









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