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pur et 100 purct vegetal pur et 100 purct vegetal

  Face, Body and Hair Toning and Refreshing 200 ml

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PEPPERMINT FLORAL WATER Toning and Refreshing Illiminated are the dilated pores and the dull complexion! Peppermint floral water revives the complexion, soothes and relieves skin irritations . Refreshing and invigorating, it is an excellent care to treat skin with oily or acne tendencies. This hydrolat is also appreciated for its antibacterial and astringent properties. Rich in volatile aromatic molecules, this mint variety has a more peppery and fresh smell. In addition, toning, stimulting and refreshing properties make peppermint floral water an ideal skin car.. Combined with aloe vera water, it is also very moisturizing and soothing. Peppermint floral water with aloe vera water for your daily routine! Rapidely it will find its place in your daily routine! Peppermint floral water acts on the skin, on certain organs like the brain or teh digestivesystem and in the moluth to refresh and purify it. It is a multi-purpose treatment to have at home. THE BENEFITS OF PEPPERMINT FLORAL WATER Peppermint, cultivated throughout the world, it is more or less fine according to its origin. It is a realy beauty ally. - Itrevives the complexion and tones the skin: its astringent properties will tonify and restore radiance to all skin types. It is ideal for dull complexion and tired skin. - It soothes and refrehes the skin : after exposure to the sun or a shaving, this peppermint floral water will soothe the skin while moisturizing it. Peppermint floral water helps to regulate sweating and calms even hot flushes (ideal during menopause). - It stimulates the scalp :the peppermint floral water acts on the circulation at the level of the scalp to promote the growth. - It relieves skin irritations : if you suffer frim itching or skin irritations, a few sprays on the areas to be treated are enough to calm the skin. - it is very good antibacterial : lthe peppermint floral water will purify problem skin (excess, sebum, acne...). - It activates the microcirculation and tones the vessels: if you suffer fom heavy legs, the use of this floral water will reduce the dilation of the vessels and favor the microcirculation blood and lymphatic. - It acts on concentration : Peppermint floral water stimulates the brain to promote concentration and awakening. - It helps to fight digestive disorders to relieve the sensations of heaviness and nausea. How use it? Pppermint floral water with aloe vera water can be used alone or in combination with other ingredients. For the facial care , it can be combined with other hydrolates such as lavender to refresh the skin and even more. It can also be combined with vegetable oils such as apricot oil for even brighter skin. The fact that Peppermint floral water is combined with Aloe Vera water makes it a moisturizer. For even more hydration, a little honey can be added. It can also be added to your everyday care like your face mask. On the skin, think abut performing light massages after the application of Peppermint floral water to facilitate the penetration of the active. You can also put a little in your hair mask, your massage oil or alone on your scalp. For a soothing effectthis floral water can sprayed into a room instead of your usual haze . Composition & Texture Peppermint leaves, distilled with Aloe Vera Bio Texture: transparent liquid Name of the plant: MENTHA PIPERITA Packaging Bottle of 200ml with pump spray QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS We pay critical care to the quality of the raw materials selected forWAAM. All our products are made of natural ingredients and as often as possible from organic farming. Our commitment extends to affirming that we use no parabens, silicones, phenoxythanol, nanoparticles, PEG, perfumes and synthetic colors in our products. WAAM products are manufactured in France with procedures respectfull of the environment. Their packaging is minimal and recyclable. All of our containers: glass, plastic and our cardboard boxes and bags, are made of recycled materials and are not laminated.


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